Simon Kingston: Presents-‘4 Stupid Songs, And If Its Dead Don’t Eat It.’ (OJC Recordings)

Another amazing release from the Los Angeles based label OJC Recordings, Simon Kingston is bound to the stem in which we have full intention to snap, and break from as he has just done… Tremors branching into secret identities inside words dipped into possessed self-abuse in half life rock bottom style. Periodically it will perform a skit of shadow bullets that laugh above consumers heads while parasites with technique twist around in spilt conditions warm, and frozen. Growling human complex dissolved in soft street head swinging back, and forth like some battle ax in coughing fit fight.

Kingston has a beautiful way of showing us what its like to be honest to, and for the spine that swims beneath the earth in strong strides, rising up in graveyard magazines with paper cuts deep like rivers, and streams rushing all in sync with the flesh punched, but standing tall…


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