Dbeat-‘Electribe Patterns.’ (DNSN-005)

Playing in the street with key chain lungs attached to an automobile that rattles deep in situations of manic alarm bomb expanding under conditions both sterile, and instant. Dbeat is the kind of energy with structures that consist of tusks, and technical flowers hysterical in bathrooms with visions of gorgeous saltines, and table salts pilling in  multi color  relationships. A punch in the temple of doom located just below what was the crossed fingers in the door jam, a powerful luxury split in half along with peeling, glowing in the dark skin mourning behind petal, and stem.

The Kansas City , MI label, Dionysian Tapes release a very certain main line of cardio lamp shade quality music. With Dbeats- ‘Electribe Patterns’ being the 5th in their shouting catalog, this limited edition cassette has a run of 75 copies, only… The man behind such creations is Danilo Betti…




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