The Staton Embassy-‘From My Head To Your’s.’ (Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records-USR-#5)

Operate spare time with afterlife wave crashing into harmless odor that is love, and availability. Separate the fist, and armory protecting this heat agora, and provocative of weight, dirt, and sight. Jaw bone percussion lifts up off wooden floor creaking, and begging the perfect cut wings that ache, as well as burn casually by postponed vertebrae changes lasting. Second life twists in smoldering fire future with paper smile expressing insect interest, and bed tone anxiety weeping towards you with rubber silhouette, and chamber mallet ballet spirituality…

Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records has become one of my new favorite labels, with this release from The Staton Embassy being one of those many reasons!


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