Susan Alcorn-‘Evening Tales LP.’ (Mystra Records-#18)

Sacrificed twice while also too sacred designation graveyard shift driver in El Topo riding over endless flowers, and sweet sugar skulls covered in flies, and ants looking up into the sky whispering ever so softly that they wish they could once again see… Scents of fermenting lavender poke through 50’s fabricated painting while the valley above promises scripture just moments before birth, and mourning coffee of the lost one found in the end. Endless poetry places hands down into the seemingly rich gravel earth for the last time pulling forth a paper key, a broken heart in pieces placed neatly in bag inside a box… But this is not home for it is an imitation in the constellations that is now growing forward forever as each strike, and perfect stoke of this instrument is made while we gently struggle in our exo, while we ramble about those fixed emotions torturing the unappreciated psyche, all said amen…

susan alcorn 0




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