Michael Yonkers-‘The Neverending Light Beam From Planet ’00’s/Deep Within Home Planet/ Plan A.’ (Mystra Records)

Pitch black atmosphere anthems bump into their damp wedding dresses weighed down by a kinda thick black blood, and stereo equipment. Notebook freedumb reaches out for window pane painfully stepping too close, if there is such a thing, and slowly facing its own prehistoric calendar death… Lately landscapes filtered by voluntary bean busted wild, and electric through odd numbered catacomb system bristol, midway segregated monks homeless, and headless sit, and wait for their garbage booster test results on cardboard pier with smoky waters rushing up to their feet nearly pulling them in one by one. Money washes up on the thug shore by the numbers of ones with grand verses scribbled all across them with red tip markers describing the insanity of birth, and death all in the same stroke as to feel, and unfeel, if one can do such, by the instrument of fluid, and outsider purpose.

Michael Yonkers rips the tooth like a fine paper with words blasted from hot metal bed, mouth(s) begin watering like a tube, with bronze heated tip, and before the tick of the next oasis purgatory spitting hand points out loud, the midnight pause is played through with disorder, and fine direction…

What an honor to write this review for the stunning Michael Yonkers!



yonkers 2



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