Aarum-‘1-6.'(OJC Recordings-013)

Beta wave in digital office style captures Baghdad battery explosives, sick shrapnel fastened seat belts with pimp smack grizzly. An outcast from reapers pocket continues to move forward onto a greased car hood without an ornament due to its location in southern belly cut with lip stomach hand balm… Teen be-headings held in public with LED lights as well as shapes shifting attitudes, but one doesn’t change according to the southern jelly curfews set out, those are immediately broken at large. A shadow leans thin against the catfish tent colored concrete wall exhales soap, and smoke from wheel burrow lung, but confidently it reaches out to hold hands with the entire perplexing audience that serve so well…

Aarum’s- ‘1-6’ cassette on OJC Recordings has this effect on us in which we move along side it pleasurably. Exhausted by pressures, and leads into cases misunderstood, and melted down for evidence unknown, unsupported, its abilities are winning on every corner with a safe eye squinting.





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