No Monster Club-‘I Feel Magic.’ (Already Dead Tapes-AD190)

Smooth aerial tones pouring through a rusty gun barrel, scraps of prepared paper exampled by flammable style, skilled morning nights absorbed by a very youthful landscape soon to be… Machine ready for breathless ax holding against radio skin in windy shadow, pulling tired bedrooms apart with screaming saw that lingers in the afternoon before deep bike ride in sifting bone grave adolescents. No Monster Club is created entirely by Mr. Bobby Aherne.

Through a visual safari widely frozen with synthetics, and spoiled food wet from rain fall, Folsom burn marks on strong stretched pavement silence in celebration to Cataclysmic wealth.  Very technical centipede flesh cracked, and sun baked twitching in heavy constant without an audience, squinting at the now familiar area young cells begin again to grow across the body, and face before departure in nearly rotted photograph of soft backhand curved with a philosophy yet to be discovered until now…


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