Alpha Strategy-‘Drink The Brine, Get Scarce.’ (Self-Released)

Clipped angst leaks into moist crumbs with seven deadly stains with burial substance consumed by lingering strong suits unknown, auction for skull hunger will serve luxury for the body. Drifting exhaustively through mandatory atmosphere. Tender wrists watered down like wooden chimes, and a well-aged seed flexing in the sun sprouting separation anxiety in the afternoon canopy.

Burning blotter dropped writing itself, kerosene camp obscene in stretching hotel chamber lounge, language fluid till sipped, old imitations once again separated, and now split into thousand year old boneless difficulty. dis-continued pictures around edges of frame sits adventurous green liquid video growing marrow from viral vegetable sleeping with one eye, only.

Alpha Strategy’s-‘Drink The Brine, Get Scarce’ is incredibly moving as it does so through dynamite outer shell  cracking fragile content. We lean just enough weight ecstatically, and  vividly to the kind, and form this body has just made, and now a bond is here to last…





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