Channelers-‘Essex.’ (Inner Islands)

Spirit icebox with broken heart off shore pink tint waters gathered around feet, portions of body lay silent in teal blue window outside telephone skull aches, and rings loudly, answering a voice stern with conteplations on how to bury a composistion with steady powder aim attached to crooked cross in basement yard.

Odd numbered generation inherits bleeding conscience with settlers in dream with wet feathers in daydream candle light, and safe in the pockets of an escapists, running through golden sand in precious night that is reality…

‘Essex’ stems from radioactive meditation nearly perfected with thirty second flash visuals with a landscape all nonviolent as some can be, and should be, it invites you in with folded arms, legs crossed, and with an open heart. The Channelers… Allowing the name, this name, to say it all just as it does on this very release.


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