Restaurnaut-‘Birth.’ (Rok Lok Records-RL#100)

Honest charcoal demos on sidestreets with gunfire survalience captures hitchhiker with wet candle burning softly through shots, and glass piercing prophets easy, and most fitting. Skyscrappers hiding behind cold desk of condensation with bomb full eyes whistle the smoke from expolsion earlier that moment now…

Ground zero culture in short time voodoo daughter yells out loud feelings that stick to above ground tiles cracked leaking forever quietly while t.v. junkie licking remote in the dark with palm trees in the eyes.

Another awesome release from our brother Nick Dolezal (RESTAURNAUT). Released on Rok Lok Records, this is a view from the medicine cabne, and a landing on the feet but standing on the waist above a raw feeling of character that bites tongue, getting across everything varied, and nonchoked.

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