Kerchingle #5-JAN 2K16z ( Kerchow! Records)

Filter homesick kidney with fighter syndrome discharge with drug ballad atlas marked. Kicking four holes deep into lazy body brother that is around you, focus on the landscapes on this release from which it permits adaptation, and welcome it in as you gradually prevoke casper… The meaning colored improv that is practise, the voice of subject matter, and choice.

Terminal laced with concrete wax, day job screen test for anatomy overcooking plexi desert, surging through arms, and legs without pay, without so much as a scholarship in precious dynamite starvation as they bomb for convience in mighty justice adjusting language like a touchy vise-grip tongue, and cheek…

Rad fucking release from KERCHOW! Records. Filled with amazing artists, a burnt tin foil grab bag taste in laboratory delicate with a purpose fulfiled on a day to day basis. Wonderful job eveyone!!

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