Hayden Pedigo-‘Do You Sing-Vol:1.’ (Scissor Tail Records)

Good morning prescription, still based murder in an old tshirt retreating back into an old fever cave with wife, left leg wrecked, right eye permanent, and lost in generic sunset lifting from vibrating supplement. Strums cryptic lullabyvwith strong claws digging at the oak body telling stories of exciting fatherhood in early spanish company… Broke, and still carrying legendary disease wanting o come home…

Hayden Pedigo brings fortglh on this beautiful record(Do You Sing-Vol:
1) the essentials of human feeling. Love, passion, loneliness, pain… The silver linings not so much focused on staying above water in the scense of survival, but to simply bath as a way of catching up with old friends without names, and faces, but whom brought expert change to your mind, and body that we stand in like costumes for the gentle youth breathing aloud.

What a gorgeous memoir of steady growth, and expierence.


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