The Oscillation-‘Monographic.’ (Hands In The Dark Records)

Radiating scholar tunes into the captivating heirlooms that leak a glowing mess into the rapid bone ticks that are our expierence, a dynasty relateable to a head on cullision, car wreck scents fill the ballroom skin, and like wall paper it peels like the anniversary of mother, and semi father. Blistered remote control sculptures hang quietly above in ground graveyard shift robbers at gun point standing stabbing silently with toothaches. Treasure chest injections installed via thumb inside gas station chambers by friendships, and removals…

The Oscillation are the growing pains of vampires whom hang tough in the caves where wisdom, and enlightenment are struck, like gold they shine, but never harvested to be spent.

Exotic Claritin mask worn tightly through thick stero jungle, wide eyed posion body forces fumes to polish, blood textbooks read aloud eatable texts like monopoly death… The Oscillation are a multiheaded creature, and without a name, this thing is known not for what it eats, but its tastes, and strengths.

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