Arklight-‘Eternal life in New York City.'(Phase!)

This is the part where your small yellow eyes begin twitching like bound wire against the sharp highway as you watch people move around under a pink perfect glass some catching fire from expiremental contact.

Arklight are the prose with robes used as conditioned wet blankets for the seemingly freezing people at large, where cheese colored taxi cabs have embrasively become dangerous, and yet take you home, stay home… We see how the covers have been kicked back like silver rights without movement, the high hand comes down on you without shame, she still loves you I suppose, keep your several distances. What colors lurk at the bottom of the radio superstars mouth when she begins speaking about youth, lips, and technology, flowers=tornadoes+books.

In, and out of society with lipstick freedoms that involuntary spark out of control when you touch them, falling apart around some 1972 idea, ‘just in case there is no justice you gotta learn the ways of drinking coffee! Shit no no! Cough syrup!’ Words from your local current president whoever that might be…

I must say this record has really set me back. Arklight is my new favorite band for sure! On this fucking awesome record the solid leading track, for me, is ‘Defeated’. Ithas been on a truthful repeat since Ive recieved these packages.

I found myseld wondering around on some trash blue planet, fast talking walking, with exspensive valley wheat shining gold that you cant touch, nor eat. I suppose the alternative to starving is to leave, but you just got here.

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