Poor Faulkner(Joseph Allred)-‘Viscera.'(Meliphonic Records)

Your childs first step towards such wonderful light, and beyond. The smell of their voice, and skin shakes the very core our mothers, and fathers built for us then… Your cats desiring your very attention in the strong morning as you awake to the lords hands reaching out, you recieve strong gifts… This fever youve had for years shall break at any moment over, and across the mountains that you inhabit with your shining silver claws climbing the breasts, and slope, some home with a fire place, tombstones of books, unopened letters, tea on the stove eye…

This is the secound cassette tape release from our beloved Joseph Allred, Poor Faulkner on Meliphonic Records. Painting pictures that Ernst couldnt even begin to capture in his industrial youth. I always, and will always, and forever shall allow Joeys music to soar through my body, opening me to family heritage, to lands that I can momentarily inhabit. Feeling free, and safe… A small fire arm rests on my hip, I step across personal rivers, and streams, copper rust trout jump from one ripple to the other. My home is ‘Mandorla Valley…’

Henry Barnes Lowry-
March, 12 1903


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