Graceless-‘Mare.'(Meliphonic Records)

Another Meliphonic Records release by one of my favorite composer Graceless. Consisting of the best dudes, Matt Johnson, and Joseph Allred.

It takes place in 1763 during a young womans public hanging on the street square of Boston. Gathered around, people consisting of axes, leather lock bibles. Tear collectors, and rye bread for the blood offerings. As you stare at her cold purple feet, chains bouncing from her ankle bones to the nearby red gate. You notice she is praying, perhaps reciting a childhood mantra, something legendary in her pride, and heritage…

Some of the towns people began to throw tomatoes at her in correspondence to the very whipping, and torture presented to Christ. Some just stood there laughing while their small grey children threw stones at her arms, and feet. The exicutioner reaches for her bruised arm, pulling her closer to him he kisses her, and she turns away to cry. The court has agreed to her hang openly till midnight, swinging like some lawless pingalum, telling time as she drips blood onto the sand floor below.

The crows will eventually settle in, when they find the decentsey to leave the daily bakers bread shelves alone, and begin picking at the now yellow corpse, carrying with them her spirit to far away lands where she can breath, and have life once again…

Graceless: Lacking grace, elegance, or charm.

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