InterraBong-‘Cursed Pelvis.’ (Otherness)

This is a release from 2012, a time period that to me is very sacred, and important in my life. Featuring some of our wonderful friends, this tape is mainly arranged by James Dale. I consider Jim one of my main influences in art, and in life. He took me in as a student of curiosity some years ago, and has shaped me into the kind of person, or thing I am today. Sorry Jim I had to get that out.

InteraBong is a nonresistant slime product of the dense sences, but attracts broken lung sign languagers, and circus sexual tensions… A finnish boy with soft lock jaw reaching for a foriegn blade to really get their undivided attention, until cuts them in half that is.

The sound of rotting insects takes place in a blacked out swamp where witch doctors eat light bulbs for enlightenment, and shamans shit on top of classic buik dashboards for mating purposes. A bleeding asshole on horseback floats through the crusty horizon swinging papercuts, and vhs tape mantras. You can hear this from a mile away, or if you pay very close attention its inside your childs backpack that he is carrying home. I suggest you hurry home before this bleeding horse runs him down. After all he is carrying a message of diluted truth, and premature purpose.

This is the graphic suicide note that was left in a pair of pants, now going through the soft washing cycle at a laundry mat. You sit there watching the threats, details, and disorders circle around, and around before it breaks apart, blending into your attire as one.

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