"The Day I Became a Planet" Nose (Trash Dog Records)

The game of comparing music to other music is often a tricky business. One could mine for influences concerning Nose’s psychedelic opus “The Day I Became a Planet”, but the album’s one continuous song (consisting of different moods and movements) occupies another head space all together. Upon singer/guitarist Matt Alvanas’s first announcement in the piece, “The Day I Became a Planet” connects more with the grainy science fiction movies of the 1950’s more so than rock operas the average jerk-off on the street could name. It would be more fitting to compare the album to “2001 a Space Odyssey” than it would to any given Pink Floyd album. 
The warm, hissy fidelity of this grand under-taking liken the album more to a VCR tape watched over and over again in your best friends garage after nights of countless bong rips to the dome, and cigarettes you accidentally ashed in your Busch tall-boy: there’s an unsettling coziness to the sound, a feeling of biting nostalgia that nights like these won’t last forever. “The Day I Became a Planet” is musically a work of psychedelic curiosity, which ,without a doubt, pushed the old Tascam they were using to its limits, but thematically the album encompasses those feelings of expansion, change, moving on: the transformation of a corporeal being into a cosmic body; a tale of loss and transformation-Nose!
Creating a moving, organic piece such as “Planet”, which manages to build upon a central theme for over half an hour, and remains interesting, is no simple feat. Nose! excels in asserting themselves in the varied moods and waves the album rides with youthful abandon. Guitars rip, the bass thunders, the drums pound, and synths squeal through time and space as this epic reaches its final celestial form as the band conjures the sounds of the titular planetary man as hurdles into the cold void of space. People don’t make records with this sort of psychedelic ambition anymore. Nose!’s “The Day I Became a Planet” is the sort of record that crate diggers 15 years from now will fight tooth and nail for. Do yourself a favor and find a copy. “The Day I Became a Planet” encapsulates a band at the height of their creative vigor. Youth burns quickly, and things don’t last forever: Nose!, “The Day I Became a Planet.” 
-Blake Marlow 

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